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Added a 4 star review to Talindo Steak House on Nov 22, 2018
This might have been my 2nd fine dining experience in Lagos. Went alone during restaurant week as I really wanted to eat uninterrupted. Service was superb from a waiter named Tuboi. The ambiance was also perfect. I got the sweet and sour wings as a starter which I ate up in no time, and the steak for my main. All in all a good experience and would definitely go back. Would also recommend for date nights.
Added a 3 star review to The House Cafe on Nov 22, 2018
Went to the House Cafe to have a solo late night dinner. The ambiance is good for just that, late night dinners with a few friends. Would recommend after a hard day of work when you're in the area.
Added a 3 star review to South on Oct 31, 2017
lol. The hype in lagos is interesting but that is a story for another day, not this review. I think this restaurant is ok, not all that. There's a certain rush that comes with the opening of a new restaurant in Lagos, same thing happened with South so of course i had to visit. When i visited, i got the chilli carne fries and wings. Both a 5/10 to me. Nothing out of the ordinary so i really cant justify the price point here. Overall, 5/10
Added a 3 star review to Casper & Gambini's on Oct 31, 2017
As of mid 2017, this was m favorite restaurant in Lagos. Just based off quality and consistency. I'm going to base this review off my last visit, as i've been multiple times. On my last visit, I got a cold cappuchino. My first big let down was the use of what i felt tasted like supreme ice cream as whipped cream. A no from me. I also ordered garlic bread which i get from time to time at the restaurant. This was ok, always a safe bet. i visited with my sister and she ended up getting a milkshake and brioche, which she did not like. She felt like the brioche was soggy and the milkshake was stale. We complained about this to the manager and were given replacement meals. This is a good thing so id have to say the service here is still top notch. Consistency is dropping though as this is not the Casper and gambrinis of last year. Toodles.
Added a 3 star review to El Padrino on Oct 27, 2017
El PADRINO REVIEW!!! Ok so i haven't been to any new restaurants in the past few months because 1. I've been underwhelmed by the new crop in Lagos and 2. ECONOMY. Anyways , i came across El Padrino's Taco tuesdays on Instagram and it was perfect as a post work solution. I Placed my order for pick up via phone. My order was ready on getting there. I ordered the goat taco and for some reason was gifted with a chicken taco as well. NIGHT MADE! I have to add that each portion came with a side of chips and guacamole which is a great plus. They also have a variety of sides so youre not pigeon holed. On the food , id rate the goat tacos as the best. The portion is a bit small but then again its a taco so... Ive ordered from them twice and have no complaints other than for delivery, which sometimes takes a while. Blame Lagos. 8/10 for me
Added a 2 star review to Samantha's Bistro & Grill Bistro on Nov 27, 2016
Convinced my colleagues to visit for MasterCard week. On getting there we found out we were the only ones there. I really don't know how to feel about empty restaurants because it could be one of two things, either your food is terrible or you're one of those if you know, you know restaurants. Either way , an empty space can never be good news. On to why we were there. We all got food from the MasterCard menu. Come to find out that 80% of the food on each course they did not have. This was hilarious because 1. I convinced my colleagues to come here based off their menu. 2. The waiter ( who was extremely nice, had the worst job of having to tell us so and so was not available). Extremely disappointing. At least if your restaurant is empty that means you should have ALL the food. Anyways, I had the cheesy garlic bread for my starter. Another hilarious thing because this was main sized. By the time I was done , I was through with dinner mentally. But I had to go on. For my main I had lamb with coconut rice. A bit meh for me. The rice was bland and the lamb was well, lamb. No other way to describe it other than it was dry. For my dessert I had waffles and cream. Only thing I was a fan of through out the night was the waffles . Thy were soft and warm and delicious. Shame I was filled up at that point and couldn't get through half of it. SHAME. The disaster in this course however was the ice cream. On getting there they had mentioned thy had no ice cream. We were all collectively dissapointed and I guess mr nice waiter sensed that so he went to dig out month old supreme Ice cream from the bottom of the freezer. Thing was more or less ice with milk. Don't know how else to describe it other than it was supreme ice cream going bad and it spoilt my dessert. Could have done without it. Will I be going here again? No. Unless somebody wants to treat me then maybe, just maybe .
Added a 2 star review to Bottles Restaurant on Nov 27, 2016
Where do I start. I've been to bottles before but decided to try it again for MasterCard week. Dodgy location for a restaurant but what is new in lagos. I noted however that they've changed their menu. I saw this and thought the food must have stepped up a notch. I had a Mexicana cocktail (i think. I will get to this later). For my starter I had the teriyaki wings. I wonder why this is on a Mexican menu though or maybe I'm confused. Anyways I saw it and thought, anything teriyaki sign me up. Unfortunately these were very dry and I was forced to pack it up. Next I had the beef fajita. Another dissapointment as the beef was quite dry and I get the feeling it had been lying in the fridge somewhere for a week. I could be wrong tho but I didn't even get halfway through the main which is surprising for me. For my desert I got the brownie as they didn't have anything else on the menu. Let me just add that I hate brownies but had to get it. What came out was not a brownie though. More like a crepe/ chocolate / fudge/ nut get up. When I asked to clarify the waitress told me it was a brownie so I guess it was a brownie. Didn't finish that as well as it was quite overwhelming. To be honest if I'm ever visiting bottles again it would be just because. The cocktail I got ended up being water and something else. A 3/10. Average experience for me
Added a 4 star review to Bistro 7 on Nov 27, 2016
I'm going to start off this review a bit biased because bistro 7 is one of my favorite restaurants in Lagos. I visited again for MasterCard week 2016 and it stays on my fave list. Once you get accustomed to its hidden location you'll be fine. I went to Bistro 7 with my sister. Let me just point out that we were the only ones at the restaurant on getting there (second time in a row). This made it better though as we could enjoy our meal in quiet. My sister ordered from the standard menu while I ordered from the MasterCard menu. I had the chicken suya goujon for my starter. This was nice BUT I get the feeling the suya spice used isn't really suya spice, as I kept wolfing the goujon down without asking for water. For my main I had the seafood pasta. I asked for the seafood in mine to be switched out for chicken, which thy agreed to - extra points. Here comes the tricky part. My sister had the penne vodka for her main and I can bet you we were served the exact same thing. I've experienced this countless times in Lagos restaurants and will say it is extremely disappointing. You can't name two different dishes and then serve the same thing but on different plates. I was so disappointed in this but this is where my bias kicks in as I will give them a pass for the pasta not tasking like 'spag and stew'. Bonus points for the garlic bread. Though a bit hard, it was delicious. Bonus points for the complimentary bread served before starters as well. Those were buttery and delicious! And kept our mouths busy while waiting for desert. For desert I got the banana crepe which they did not have at the time -1 , so I had to get their sponge cake. I was not looking forward to this as I think sponge cake is a bit basic to go and try at a restaurant. I was wrong though as the sponge cake was warm, sweet and spongy. It also came with caramel sauce which I love. All in all my experience here has been consistent. I would go here again when I'm trying to avoid dissapointment.
Added a 3 star review to Sakura on Nov 13, 2016
I visited this restaurant on a weekday as I wanted as little hassle as possible. I visited specifically to try out the mastercard menu, and so called in twice to check they had a lunch menu available, which they mentioned they did. This was not the case though as on getting there i was given a dinner menu in place of the lunch menu. This wasnt really a big deal but i was baffled as to why i wasnt told over the phone even though i asked repeatedly. Moving on though, the restaurant has a really nice ambience, order was taken on time and brought in on time as well so points for this. I had the lunch menu from a restaurant they share the space with (quite confusing) , and got the hummus as my starter, margherita pizza for my main and Lebanese sweet for desert. To be honest everything was lackluster and i wouldn't go back again. I think my disappointment was heightened by the fact that I didn't try what I set out to. A 5/10 from me
Added a 4 star review to Bistro 7 on Oct 26, 2016
Ate here once during the master card week last year and its probably one of the best places i've eaten in lagos. The location is a bit hard to find but that can be overlooked. As soon as i got in, I loved the space. Cosy but not too small. It was also really quiet. I was in with my sister that day and we both had the mastercard four (or three, cant remember) course meal. I had calamari as a starter, pasta and garlic bread as my main. The garlic bread was OK. Not the best ive had just ok. The pasta on the other hand was divine, not too dry, not spicy and no OBE ATA in sight. On a whole id give this place a 7 just because i think the food took a bit to long to get to us. That being said, I haven't been able to go back , but its on my to eat at list.
Added a 1 star review to Primi Piatti on Oct 25, 2016
Primi piatti I suggested (more like convinced) my friends to dine here for a send off dinner. First off, locating this restaurant was a bit of a nightmare as it was hidden in a little corner in lekki. Although this isn't really a determinant of how the food would taste, it set the pace for how the evening went. When we finally located the restaurant, we found out it didn't look like what was on the site/ internet. We put our doubts aside and decided to go for it anyways. I had the fettuccini pasta (can't remember the exact name as it was months ago). Put aside the fact that it took some time to get out and I could see the 'chef' putting everything together in the kitchen right beside me, when I got the product , it was simply 'pasta and stew'. I think honestly that has been my worst dining experience in lagos in the past two years or so (same might go for my friends) I can forgive anything but terrible food, NO. To top it off, as we didn't have cash and their POS matchine wasn't working, I had to drive about 3 streets away to get cash. Let's just say we left Disappointed. All in all, I would think twice before dining here again. Maybe if they change their chef and do a complete 360, if not, it's a no from me