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Added a 5 star review to Talindo Steak House on Nov 14, 2017
Went to have lunch with my daughter during the #VisaRestaurantWeek. It was a lovely experience. the waiters are very nice and cordial. We had the chicken wings starter, then spaghetti as main dish; then we had mashed potatoes and mushroom soup. My daughter loved the experience and she loves the place. Same here.
Added a 4 star review to Hard Rock Cafe on Oct 27, 2017
I have been here twice. First time, with my husband and then, with the kids. Experience was good. There are lots of lovely paraphernalia for sale. The hall is large with high a ceiling. We had their twisted marc and cheese with lamb. It was delicious. we weren't impressed with the waitress (service without a smile). We tried the smokey Texas sandwich and loved it. The space overlooking the beach is just lovely. We could spend half a day there easy. Loved the milk and chocolate shake. I will re-visit, for sure.