Christine TOGUN



Added a 3 star review to Prime Chinese on Oct 26, 2017
My first experience here was actually my first time going to a real Chinese restaurant and it's one I can't forget in a hurry. We sat down and we're given towels to keep warm. We also had a nice dinner of shredded beef sauce, sour chicken sauce and rice and cocktails. I loved every moment of it. The atmosphere was really really cozy. Can't wait to visit there again
Added a 3 star review to Rhapsody's on Oct 26, 2017
A combination of the scenery and the perfect natural ventilation make rhapsodys one of my favorite go to places for a good mocktail/cocktail. Their service is nice and quick. Prices are okay not too high.
Added a 3 star review to Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yogurt on Oct 26, 2017
They give yoghurt a brand new angle. I always get to see new flavors anytime I come around and that's super impressive. Last time I tried their "agbalumo" and "zobo" flavor and it tasted the exact same way. Their prices are a bit high though.
Added a 3 star review to The Place on Oct 26, 2017
I love the fact I can enter the place restaurant at any time and get to have a good meal and not leftovers they are struggling to sell off to call it a night and that makes me happy. My go to combo is always their fried plantain and Asun with a cold bottle of ribenna. Their staff have always been lovely. I recommend their spaghetti too.
Added a 3 star review to Marco Polo on Oct 26, 2017
I went there some time last month. Got their combo deal of rice and wings and I enjoyed it (enjoyment on a budget) Sat back and watched a game before leaving. Nice experience
Added a 3 star review to Hard Rock Cafe on Oct 26, 2017
Went there with friends to grab a quick evening snack. The environment super lovely inside and out( we settled at the outside food court area). Ordered burger and fries. Service was super slow though but when it eventually came their food portion was really large so that made me feel a lot better.
Added a 3 star review to RoadChef Drive-Thru on Oct 26, 2017
My first experience at road chef was when my friend had a free voucher to redeem there and the way he was treated like a king I couldn't believe it. The staff were so pleasant and then down to the buffalo wings we got which were made to perfection. I enjoyed my experience that day one I can never forget
Added a 3 star review to Melting Moments on Oct 26, 2017
My love for melting moments started back in university where they had an outlet in the school and it never stopped till now. Last Friday had a cup of their cookies and cream and red velvet ice cream combination and it was a perfect remedy for the hot lagos weather.
Added a 3 star review to Nuts about Cakes on Oct 26, 2017
I came in for a quick birthday cake for a friend celebrating her birthday and I got to take their red velvet cupcakes. I still got snacks cause those looked so yummy and they did taste better than they looked. I was impressed
Added a 3 star review to Wanneka's Lounge on Oct 26, 2017
Was a really nice experience went for their buffet and the meals were nice and of course the prices were Pocket friendly. Got to visit their famous black and white jangolova
Added a 3 star review to Miniso Nigeria on Oct 26, 2017
I love the uniqueness of the items in their store. Their staff are super helpful and pleasant and the prices friendly too.