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Added a 4 star review to R.S.V.P on Nov 21, 2017
I absolutely loved dining at RSVP during Restaurant Week 2017. The Salmon Carpaccio and BBQ Pork Sliders were amazing [starters]...the salmon especially, such an explosion of flavor, who knew pomegranate and salmon made magic. The Seafood Pappardelle...probably the best pasta I've had in Lagos but the Lamb Tagine was disappointing; extremely bland. It felt like the lamb was boiled in water and tomato with no seasoning...this was particularly disappointing because I'm such a fan of lamb. For dessert, the sticky date cake was amazeballs [I'll definitely be having it again]...however, the chocolate fondant was too sweet, I couldn't eat more than a couple of spoons. Great ambiance and a very knowledgeable and responsive waiter. I wanted to give a 4.5 review but can't {I can only do a 4 or 5].
Added a 1 star review to Nok by Alara on Nov 21, 2017
I went by Nok by Alara tonight [Last day of Restaurant Week] to have dinner and try out the Restaurant Week menu and was terribly disappointed. I was informed that they had stopped serving Restaurant Week dinner [come on!!] I made a reservation through the restaurant week site and my reservation was accepted by NOK [and was still available when I arrived]. Why participate in Restaurant Week if you're going to stop serving dinner a day before it ends but still allow people make reservations. This is also not the first bad experience I've had with NOK. Their drinks are good tho [hence the 1 star *rolls eyes*]
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